The European Telehealth market is undergoing a significant change: COVID-19 will go away – is telehealth here to stay? – A panel discussion at Frontiers Health 2020.

Telehealth services have experienced a considerable market momentum and service providers are highly sought-after partners. Next to the usual drivers such as demographics, COVID-19 is a major multiplier. At this years’ Frontiers Health Global Hybrid Event in Berlin R2G together with key decision-makers from leading Telehealth companies delved into the differences in market adoption and growth between countries in Europe.

On November 12, R2G hosted a European Telehealth panel session at Frontiers Health Berlin Local Hub at RoX Health that discussed national market differences and identified parameters that need to be in place to support long-term implementation of telehealth.

The workshop discussion was stimulated by a short introduction from Rainer Herzog, VP at Research2Guidance and the session moderator, followed by key telehealth market insights from Ralf Jahns, MD of Research2Guidance. Cases and examples from leading European telehealth companies and a top health insurer in Germany such as

  • Thomas Geuenich, Commercial Director Germany, Teladoc Health
  • Dr. Claudia Linke, Head of Germany, Zava
  • Dr. Daniel Schneider, General Manager Germany, Kry
  • Daniel Cardinal, Head of Operational Division for Innovation in Healthcare, Techniker Krankenkasse
  • Jan-Eric Slot, Coordinator value-based healthcare Ministry of Health The Netherlands

demonstrated unique value chains and service offerings, as well as different business and financial models. The dynamic market picture was completed by shedding light on the changing telehealth service provider environment.

An engaging and spontaneous discussion naturally evolved thanks to our experts’ thoughts and opinions and the lively input from the audience.

Some of the questions discussed were:

  • What kind of market entry conditions would solution providers need for a market to be attractive and allow them to build a viable business model?
  • What needs to be done to drive telehealth implementation and who should drive it: patients, doctors, care providers, payers, regulators?
  • What exactly would be the role of a payer or a regulator in this context?
  • Which hurdles do exist now?
  • Which new players will we see coming into the telehealth arena?
  • and many more …

Full session recording is available here

Telehealth services have been on the rise and experienced a boom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And although there has been an overall surge in telehealth as we saw during the workshop, the adoption of the service has varied amongst different countries. If you are also interested in the global picture, take a look at “With telehealth services becoming a multibillion-dollar market- the run for telehealth vendors has begun!

At R2G, we welcome any opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas about telehealth. Share your thoughts with us in the comment below or get in touch with Stela Nikolova: [email protected]

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