Telehealth market assessment and entry strategy

R2G consulting team supported a leading global pharma company in a strategic decision to venture into the telehealth market segment.


A global pharma company wanted to evaluate the current market status of the telehealth (remote patient-doctor consultation) segment specializing in chronic care, identify market opportunity size and options for the market entry. They asked R2G to perform a telehealth market scan and competitor analysis at global and regional levels and assess telehealth market attractiveness and size in 13 countries, including USA, China, EU countries.

R2G’s approach

The project was organized around 4 modules:

  1. Market screening – Global and regional analysis of digital health market players offering telehealth services for patients with chronic conditions, including classification, competitor landscape, top 10 providers per region and profiles of the most relevant competitors.
  2. Telehealth markets’ attractiveness – Evaluation of the attractiveness of the telehealth market in 13 countries selected by the client. It was based on a thorough analysis of telehealth regulation, reimbursement options, availability of e-prescription systems, telehealth adoption rate, etc.
  3. Market size and forecast – Estimation of the annual number of telehealth visits, telehealth adoption rate, and associated revenues in 13 countries in 2017-2020 and 3-years forecast based on 2 scenarios.
  4. Options and recommendation– Development of options of how the client could embed telehealth into their digital health product and recommendation on implementation and market entry strategies, including country selection.


  • Comprehensive market landscape and key competitors offering telehealth for chronic care.
  • Prioritization of countries for market entry.
  • Telehealth market revenue and telehealth adoption forecast in 2020-2023.
  • Telehealth embedding options into the client’s service offering and market entry strategies.

Timeframe: 2 months

R2G Project Team: 2-3 consultants

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