Strategic market entry blueprint for the Digital Multiple Sclerosis (MS) solution market

Explore how the R2G consulting team conducted market and competitor analysis to define market entry strategies of digital MS solutions for a top global pharmaceutical company.


Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical company, asked R2G’s team to conduct a market scan and competitor analysis to define the best market entry strategies for the digital multiple sclerosis (MS) solution market.

MS is a chronic disease, and digital health solutions could significantly empower people to manage symptoms and conditions better while offering more personalized digital adherence support to drug treatments. Understanding the market dynamics and mapping potential partnerships with the right startups and innovators could ultimately lead a Pharma company to better care for its patients.

R2G’s approach

Our team developed a customized approach catering to the client’s needs based on a roundtable discussion:

Market Insights – performed a landscape analysis of the digital MS solution market for seven countries, including key market players, competitor landscape, top 5 providers per country, and best-in-class solution profiles.

Competitor Analysis – conducted an in-depth analysis of top pharmaceutical companies for their digital product portfolio, business models, marketing strategy, industry partnerships, and key performance metrics in the target countries.

Options and Recommendations – developed options of how the client could bring digital MS solutions into their core business to improve medication adherence and create business synergies.


R2G outlined actionable strategies for entering the digital MS solution market with potential partners by understanding the client’s value propositions and critical success factors in today’s market.

Timeframe: 8 weeks

R2G Project Team: 3 consultants, varying team sizes during project engagement.