Smartphone app market in Germany leaps 92 percent to a 360m in 2010

Smartphone app market in Germany: Mobile phone users in Germany downloaded 900 million applications in 2010, almost double the amount of downloaded apps in 2009. 542 million more downloads in one year.

Smartphone users predominantly choose free applications as apposed to paid, leaving paid apps only comprising 12 percent of the total downloads.

92% growth for German mobile apps market in 2010
research2guidance estimates that revenue grew by 92 percent in one year and that paid app download revenue has grown to a 357 million in that time.

Smartphone app market in Germany - Paid app downloads revenue in Germany increased by 92% in 2010

In Germany, as in the global market, the Apple App Store is still by far the biggest revenue source, followed by the Android Market, Nokia OVI and Blackberry AppWorld.

Major OS app stores have shown a substantial growth in the number of apps and download volumes in 2010. Blackberry joined its competitors by including a $0.99 app pricing range, which sharply decreased AppWorlds average app price. However the continuous price decline, evidenced during past three years, has finally stabilized. In 2010 on average every paid app downloaded costs €3.26, a slight increase to the cost of an app in 2009.

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