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We provide strategic advice, market research and marketing platforms for our clients. All of our service offerings are adopted to the needs of the app economy, and built to help you achieve success. For example, our marketing spend effectiveness methodology uses a classical consultancy approach but includes and validates only customer touch-points which are relevant to promote mobile apps.

We help you to address external market challenges, efficiently organize their app business (app governance strategy) and to educate their organization about the app market opportunity (app strategy workshop).

We have a team of  10 expert consultants/analysts with a cumulative experience of more than 20 years in industry, all with a proven track-record helping clients to realise their potential in the mobile app economy.


Our bespoke research projects build upon our app market model that includes app market metrics such as downloads, revenues and monthly active users. Utilizing more than 200 data sources to support our forecasts and market evaluations, our reports provide the market insights that your company needs to succeed in today’s app economy. And with more than 80,000 contacts in our app ecosystem database we can quickly execute surveys to support your market research projects.


Our reports are widely disseminated throughout the mobile app economy and read by more than 100,000 decision makers globally. If you’re looking to stand out in the mobile app economy then our reports provide a unique opportunity to reach out and raise  awareness for your app services, identifying the right events or new partners, or reaching out to investors or customers.

Or perhaps you want to address your customers directly and start a conversation around an important topic, or to get answers from the mobile app community directly? Our Thought-Leader Webinar series provide you the opportunity to engage directly with your target audience, to ask them questions, get their insights and feedback. Or we can provide something a little more ‘traditional’ and help you to plan, execute and promote live events/conferences.

Innovation Lab

Our innovation lab combines our industry experience, research and talented team of designers and app developers to help you re-ignite your app portfolio. We can assist both established companies and start-ups to re-design, prototype and test their mHealth app solutions to ensure that they are state-of-the-art and generate results.

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