R2GConnect the new platform for startup scouting in digital health.

Startups are often at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, developing new technologies and approaches to address unmet needs. Partnering with the right startup helps established companies accelerate their own innovation and speed up time to market. With over 6,000 digital health startups worldwide, the R2GConnect platform enables efficient scouting and startup evaluation.

Startups play a vital role in driving innovation. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital health, partnering (55%) has emerged as the preferred approach for healthcare corporates to manage their digital activities. However, despite the widespread adoption of partnerships, the success rate remains very low, only 13% of partnerships are considered successful. (R2G’s “Partnerships in Digital Health 2023” report).

Scouting allows the healthcare industry to stay abreast of the latest developments and advancements in digital health. Partnering with market leaders could be the first and most natural thought, yet this also often leads to extensive negotiations, alignment with their strategic goals & consideration of their long-standing relationships with existing partners, which increases the overall time and cost associated with forming partnerships.

By actively seeking out novel startups, healthcare providers can discover hidden champions that offer comprehensive services and have competitive pricing models, as a strategy to gain market share and build a strong customer base. Hidden champions often bring fresh perspectives and innovative technologies that can elevate the quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. By partnering with these startups, healthcare providers can unlock cost-saving opportunities, redirecting resources to areas that require additional investment while maintaining high standards of care.

R2GConnect, the global scouting and startup evaluation platform for the digital health industry, helps its corporate partners to uncover hidden champions and promising tech solution providers.

While the benefits of scouting are evident, the sheer number of startups in the digital health space poses a challenge for healthcare stakeholders. Identifying the most suitable startups that align with specific digital health agendas requires careful consideration and evaluation. Industry stakeholders need to filter through the options, assessing factors such as scalability, reliability, regulatory compliance, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

The R2GConnect platform acts as a strategic global digital health partner to established healthcare companies supporting their scouting, partner evaluation and selection processes. As of today, the platform hosts more than 6,000 digital health startups and grownups from over 104 countries around the world. 39% of the digital innovators on the platform are in North America, 37% in the European Union, 20% in Asia & 4% in Africa.

Pharmaceuticals, MedTech, Health Insurance providers, Service providers, Regulators, and Investors, use R2GConnect to find best-in-class partners for their healthcare initiatives, commercial partnerships, co-development, investment deal flows, to name a few.

The platform has allowed its partners, like Egis Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk, Novartis Biome, Johnson & Johnson, CSS, German Ministry of Health, ORCHA, Village Capital & IBM, Digital Health Ventures, VITA Accelerator, or Barcelona Health Hub:


R2GConnect streamlines the scouting & startup evaluation process by offering advanced search filters. The very comprehensive startup database with over 6,000 innovators with an extensive range of use cases and innovative business models allow stakeholders to quickly identify startups that align with their “must have” requirements. On top of that, an automatic matching score is shown by the platform engine, which saves time and effort.

Currently, on the platform, the top therapeutic areas in which startups operate include cardiology, mental health, disease agnostic applications, obesity, metabolism & diabetes, and neurology.

Notably, patient monitoring, digital therapeutics (DTx), and diagnostics emerge as the leading product categories among these pioneering startups. Additionally, telehealth, population health management, clinical trials and research, wearables and digital biomarkers, and digital pharmacy are among the other prominent sectors represented on the platform.

The majority of startups on R2GConnect are currently in the scaling or pilot project stages, actively seeking strategic collaborations to validate their groundbreaking solutions and expand their market reach.


R2GConnect brings together digital health startups from around the world. This expands the networking opportunities for healthcare stakeholders, making it easier to discover and connect with potential partners that are also looking for a corporate partner.


R2GConnect’s dashboard allows stakeholders to manage incoming startup applications efficiently.

They can:

  • Review all the applications in a Kanban view,
  • Assess startup portfolios,
  • Rank each startup based on most important criteria for each published open call,
  • Add notes for their team to read,
  • Communicate with startups via the built-in chat service,
  • Get additional startups by the recommendation engine and ultimately make informed decisions about partnership opportunities.

The above only shows a fraction of the potential found within R2GConnect’s roster of startups for industry stakeholders. R2GConnect efficiently helps to find hidden champions and select best-in-class digital health solution companies willing to partner from all over the world in just a few weeks. The digital health teams within the corporate partners can simply filter startups from the database and figure out their willingness and capabilities to partner.

R2GConnect’s mission is to make scouting for startups easy and to give as many startups as possible the opportunity to find an investor or industry partner.

Startups and digital health innovators from around the globe can join the platform for free, unlocking a world of partnership opportunities and venture capital prospects. The platform provides an avenue for limitless exploration, enabling entrepreneurs to apply for as many business opportunities as they desire and fully leverage the possibilities presented by R2GConnect’s network.

To learn more about R2GConnect’s startup database, we invite you to reach out to Linh Vo, Startups Partnership Manager: [email protected]

And if you are an Industry stakeholder looking for digital health startups, please book a demo session with Sorin Stircu, Partnerships Manager, R2GConnect by clicking on the calendar.