R2G launches the new global survey: Startup-Corporate Partnerships in Digital Health 2023: Success factors and breaking points

R2G launched a global survey that explores how established corporates like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, or med tech companies partner with digital health start-ups to drive innovation in digital health: what works and what doesn’t when forming and managing a partnership.

Corporates have been approaching start-ups in a variety of ways, including through investment funds, specialized partnering units, hackathons, and accelerators, to mention a few. During the partnering phase, both parties invest great time, effort, and money to successfully engage and advance digital health innovation, but still, most partnerships fail. The survey asks decision-makers from start-ups and corporations why this happens, how they manage their digital health activities and what could be done to improve the collaboration between partners. This new global survey is an update of the R2G´s global partnership survey of 2019, thus it will also compare the views, highlight differences from recent years and changing trends in partnerships within the digital health industry for 2023.

To find out what works and what does not for “startup-corporate partnerships in digital health” the survey aims at answering questions such as:

  • What are the existing models for partnership identification and management?
  • What are the current structures in place for managing digital health activities?
  • What were the most popular digital health partnering areas in the last year?
  • What is the share of partnerships between digital health startups and large healthcare companies that are successful?
  • How do you manage screening and partner selection (scouting) activities?
  • What are the “breaking points” in the partnering process that define whether a partnership will be a success or a failure?
  • Which partnering formats are widely being used and what would make a partnership work?

The survey targets start-ups as well as decision makers from healthcare companies that have experience in working with start-ups.

The survey will be active until the March 22nd 2023 to collect your valuable insights.

Take part in the “Startup – Corporate Partnerships in Digital Health 2023” survey and:

  • Provide your thoughts and compare your ideas with other industry representatives;
  • Help us understand and have your say on what the critical success factors in digital health partnerships are;
  • Receive a summary of the results & learn from the opinions of other participants;
  • Contribute to the success of the global digital health market.
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