R2G launches the new global survey: How to make money with digital health solutions?

R2G launched a comprehensive global survey that explores how to make money with digital health solutions and what are the best strategies to monetize digital health solutions globally. Launched today, the survey will be open until 4th of June 2023.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital health solutions have emerged as a catalyst for transformative change in the healthcare industry. To explore the vast opportunities that lie within the realm of digital health, R2G’s team is excited to announce the launch of the latest global survey “How to make money with digital health solutions?“. The study is designed to delve into the strategies, business models, use cases, and reimbursement opportunities that can effectively monetize digital health solutions. It aims to uncover practical insights and perspectives from industry leaders and pioneers, allowing participants to share their experiences and expertise with other key players in the market.

By examining these key aspects, the survey results will provide information and ideas to the digital health community on how to optimize the financial success in the dynamic field of digital health.

The survey delves into questions like:

  • What are the best target customers for digital health solutions? Should digital solutions target patients, doctors, insurances, or hospitals?
  • What are the best business models in digital health?
  • Which digital health use cases offer best potential to monetizing solutions?
  • Which distribution channels are the best?
  • Which countries offer the best reimbursement opportunities?
  • What is the optimal pricing?
  • and more

The survey participants will include digital health industry decision makers from hospitals, insurance, pharma, med-tech, public authorities, digital health companies and start-ups, key opinions of whom will be valuable to collect comprehensive strategies for monetizing digital health solutions.

The survey will be active until the June 7th 2023 to collect your valuable insights.

Take part in the R2G’s survey and:

  • Provide your thoughts and opinion on the rapidly evolving digital health industry.
  • Have your say on what are the strategies to monetize digital health solutions.
  • Receive a summary of the results & learn from the opinions of other participants.
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