R2G launches new global survey: Impact of COVID-19 on Global Digital Health Industry

R2G launched a new global survey that explores how Coronavirus pandemic will influence stakeholders and digital health industry in general. The survey aims to investigate which companies and industry areas will be affected the most and whether these changes will be long-lasting in the future.

The new global survey focuses on the impact of Corona pandemic crisis on digital health industry: which changes in digital health interventions are already seen implemented in order to support management of Corona crisis, which of them will be more of focus in the foreseeable future from the views of different stakeholders.

To find out how digital health industry players have already been affected, the survey aims at answering questions such as:

  • What impact has the crisis on your digital health business and the industry?
  • Which segments of the industry will be at risk or benefit from the increasing awareness?
  • Will it last or will it be a flash in the pan?

The survey targets various stakeholders in digital health ecosystem: representatives from hospitals, insurance, pharma, public authorities, digital health companies and start-ups as well as decision makers from healthcare companies.

The survey will be open until 8th of April 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Digital Health

We are asking for your expertise and professional opinion on how industry is responding to the increasing pandemic demand as well as areas of digital health solutions that could make the highest impact during and after the Corona crisis.

Take part in “The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Digital Health” and:

  • Share your current status and ideas with other industry representatives
  • Help us understand where digital health solutions could support the management of the Corona crisis the most
  • Receive a summary of the results and insights on how different industry players are affected by the pandemic

This global survey is supported by R2GConnect,the global matching platform for the digital health industry. The new platform connects, matches and facilitates strategic partnerships between established healthcare companies and start-ups in order to build the healthcare of the future.

Your opinion and contribution matter.
Be assured that all answers you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

We thank you in advance for your time and participation!

The results of this survey will be shared after with all the participants!