Actionable strategy for a mobile application for one of the most prevalent global chronic diseases

Project background:

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies approached us to conduct an in-depth market analysis in select countries to define their strategy for a mobile application for an upcoming chronic disease drug. The client  published mobile apps since the launch of the Apple App Store to establish new communication channels and services. However, apps have been launched by fanchises to serve medical conditions with limited success. Therefore, the client was looking to explore if and how the chronic disease patients and HCPs can be supported via an app.

Project Scope:

The project was conducted for nine select countries with the app store focus of Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What we did:

Step 1: Initially, we established an in-depth understanding of the mobile apps market for the disease under consideration. To understand the market in details, we first extracted all available apps focusing on the disease, differentiating them into core and non-core apps on the basis of functionality.

Step 2: Then, we conducted the quantitative assessment on all the apps such as; performance (revenue, downloads), business model (free, freemium, paid), estimated MAUs, number of updates, customer review analysis etc.

Step 3: Further, in mutual consultation of the client, we deduced top performing and innovative apps in the market which also included apps currently in soft launch to perform an in-depth analysis of selected apps. We further profiled all the selected apps on the basis of product and company level.

Step 4: Finally, we created a feature map which included number of features, feature description (including reports sent to doctors/patients via app), feature category, most used features etc. This feature map helped the client to analyse variations in the app features on a single screen and to extract the best-in-class features.

We presented the findings and proposed actionable items based on our analysis for deciding the right strategy for the company.

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