mHealth App Developer Economics

About the research program

The mHealth App Developer Economics program is the biggest digital health market research program – focussing entirely on the  digital health app market. The research program has been surveying the mobile health market since 2010. It examines how successful mHealth app publishers work, how the market is changing, and where the market is heading.

The research program helps all market players to understand market developments.

The survey data is enriched with market analysis and interviews to validate market opinions.

Since 2010, more than 15,000 mHealth app developers and decision makers have participated in the research program and shared their views about the mHealth app market.

Every year, we publish the results in a free, downloadable report. The “mHealth App Developer Economics Report” allows us to give something back to the mHealth app community and allows our report sponsors to raise awareness for their product and services in the mHealth app market.

2017 /2018 mHealth App Developer Economics is out!

More than 2400 decision makers and experts  in mobile and digital health from all over the world have contributed to the 2017’s report. The new edition of the mHealth Economics consists of several free reports. The first report “Current Status and Future Trends in Mobile Health” gives an update of the digital health market status and the market developments in the next 5 years. The second report “How To Monetize Mobile Health Apps” shows the best way to monetize mobile apps and how much money app publishers in healthcare are making.

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Your way to accessing premium target groups in digital healthcare

The “mHealth App Developer Economics” study is a unique opportunity to get your company in front of a global audience of digital health decision makers.
Let the digital health community know about your service or product:

  • Reach more than 100,000 report readers
  • Extensive visibility throughout all report related marketing activities for 1 calendar year

Make use of the research program insights and:

  • Find out what digital health customers really want
  • Segment your customer target groups (based on several thousand health decision maker profiles)

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