Masterclass on Innovation Management by Partnerships: How your organization can shape innovation by managing digital health partnerships

Building digital ecosystems has become a buzzword. Many people active in the healthcare arena (and also in other industries) use it these days and there is a growing number of articles and publications that are dedicated to the term “ecosystem”. But what does it really mean for the different stakeholders, what are the consequences on their internal mode of operation and their business models? And finally, what does it take to manage all of this?

Well, in contrast to more traditional “networks” or “clusters”, an ecosystem is much more dynamic. It is about the continuous dynamic interaction between organizations and people with the objective to grow together. Ecosystems prosper, when people have developed common models and patterns of culture or behaviour that facilitate the creation of new ideas, approaches and ways to deliver a new set of value propositions.
Hence, an ecosystem is not just a word, it is actually a new way of viewing and challenging the established way of doing things.

Assuming that this holds true when we look at creating and managing partner ecosystems, there are 2 items which need careful consideration: on the one side, there is the notion of “culture”, on the other one, we are confronted with a quickly evolving, dynamic and complex solution and partner landscape in healthcare.

Dynamics and complexity of the partner and solution landscape:

Today, we have hundreds of thousands of digital health apps and solution providers in the market and the number is still growing year by year. Moreover, providing useful digital health solutions very often means integrating different features, functionalities and services. In many cases, it does not make sense to provide only one particular feature (e.g. coaching), but users today are looking at a bundle of different features to help them address various aspects of their condition or health problem.

For every organization, it is increasingly difficult to handle and manage such a complex and fast-moving partner landscape.

The cultural challenge:

Many organizations (especially large corporates) that strive to take on innovative ideas through partnerships have often failed to achieve an integration of innovative partner solutions into their core business, processes and their culture. Often, new solutions and services require organizations to re-think and alter some of their traditional ways of working and doing business – which is hard for them to accomplish.

Organizations need to ensure that they embrace and integrate partnerships and not continue to stew in their own traditional juice. Digital offerings tend to radically change established business and market models – only if one is ready to accept this, digital innovation makes sense in the long run.

The Masterclass on “Innovation Management by Partnerships” provides examples and insight into how organizations have successfully tackled these challenges

It is the objective of the masterclass to support those people in charge of digital transformation in their daily tasks to build and manage innovation. Panelists will supply them with best practice cases, market insight and tools to accomplish the identification and integration of digital health partners and solutions.

Cases and examples from the pharma and health insurance industries will demonstrate how innovation through partnerships can be brought into organizations and successfully be managed.

The case studies will be supplemented by representatives from Research2Guidance, who will provide an exclusive first sneak peek into some of the findings from their global survey onStart-Up – Corporate Partnerships in Digital Health: Success Factors and Breaking Points“. More than 100 digital health market leaders from around the world have shared their experience and knowledge on how to identify, integrate and manage partners and solutions.

By the way: if you are interested to participate in the global survey, just click here.

Finally, the new digital health matching platform R2G Connect will be introduced. R2G Connect is a simple and effective tool for organizations to scout for, identify and partner with suitable digital health solution partners.

There will be lots of opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas. Hence, if you are interested, please join us in our masterclass session at this year’s Frontiers Health conference in Berlin on November 13th at 5:00 pm.

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We hope to see you there!

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