Market Watch on digital diabetes market for a global MedTech company


Project Background: 

One of the global MedTech companies approached R2G to conduct a monthly Market Watch on digital diabetes market. The company wanted to have a regular overview of:

  • How their downloads have changed since the previous month
  • What is their own market positioning, as well as their competitors’
  • What app updates have their competitors recently launched
  • Which partnerships and investment rounds have been closed
  • Which new entrants have had an impact


What we did:

R2G’s tailored monthly Market Watch provided diabetes market digital health insights that were most relevant to the client’s business case. It filtered and showed at a glance:

  • Key market news and events
  • Diabetes mobile app updates and ratings
  • Top competitor performance
  • Market winners
  • Partnerships and investments

More than 500 different sources were filtered every month to create the monthly customized reports.



The concise digital diabetes monthly Market Watch has helped customers get relevant market and competitor insights at a glance, uncover new opportunities and empower their strategic and operational decisions.