Market readiness survey for services expansion

We used R2G’s digital expert panel with over 25,000 members to collect feedback on the market entry strategy for an international health IT company.


An American software healthcare company considered expanding their market presence and entering into four European markets. In order to proceed  further with their strategic decision making process the company needed latest market intelligence and precise key healthcare stakeholders expertise.

R2G’s approach

R2G team structured the decision-making process into a detailed matrix, reflecting all relevant KPIs broken down by each of the 4 countries, amongst others:

  • Key market stakeholders
  • Competition
  • Market and business environment (e.g. regulations, healthcare system)
  • Demand side
  • Market accessibility
  • Market readiness

The method used to gather the relevant market intelligence was mostly in-depth interviews with industry stakeholders, decision makers and competitors.


The outcome was the design of  a detailed decision-matrix comparing the 4 countries by the above KPIs.  The matrix has enabled the client to make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with their market expansion and if yes, into which country/ countries.

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