Looking for digital health companies? Get applications via R2GConnect.

One year after the launch of R2GConnect, the global scouting and evaluation platform now offers access to almost 8,000 digital health companies. Listed startups offer services for all therapeutic areas, use cases, countries and represent all sizes and company stages. Go to R2Gconnect to find your next digital health partner.

In October 2022, R2GConnect, the new startup scouting and evaluation platform was launched. Since then, 8,000 startups from all over the world providing digital health services have registered on the platform to find their next industry partner, investor, conference pitching opportunity or free IT or market access support.

The variety of digital health companies that registered on R2GConnect is impressive.

  • Startups provide digital health solutions for more than 30 therapeutic areas: Startups in the R2GConnect database offer digital services for more than 30 therapeutic areas. Cardiology (11% of all startups) and mental health (11%) are the top therapeutic areas in the R2GConnect startup database.
  • Startups come from more than 100 countries (Company’s home country): Currently startups are originated in 108 countries. The majority have their headquarters in the USA (34%), UK (8%), India (8%) and Germany (7%).
  • Reasonably well-funded. 30% have raised up to $5 million: The startups listed in the R2GConnect database have raised more than $30 billion in the past already. 30% up to $5 million and 18% have managed to raise more than $ 15 million for their digital health initiatives. 25% have been able to collect up to $250k from external investors or are bootstrapped investing their own money into their company.
  • Generating incomes with digital health services is still a big issue for most companies: All listed digital health companies on R2GConnect generated an estimated $1.6 billion last year. Nevertheless, most companies do not generate a significant amount of revenues yet. 40% report to make no revenues or less than $100k in a year. Nevertheless 18% earn up to $1 million, 8% up to $5 million and 2% more than $5 million. The rest do not want to disclose their income.
  • 74% of digital health companies have their solutions in the market (upscaling and growth phase): 46% of the companies have a product in the market and are trying to scale up. 28% are piloting their solution already in the market (growth phase). Only 19% are still validating (MVP, beta version) their services before market launch. 7% are in the concept phase.
  • RPM (33%) and AI (32%) are the main service categories: Out of 25 digital health service categories most startups (33%) offer some kind of remote patient monitoring services, followed by data analytics and AI services (32%) and telehealth services (28%). Digital therapeutic offerings (16%) and diagnostics services (24%).
  • Mix of small and already substantial team sizes: A large part of the digital health startups (51%/5%) listed on R2GConnect managed to build a team of substantial size (10-100/100-1,000). 43% of startups are still small in size counting up to ten team members.
  • Regulatory approval: 18% have a CE certification, 7% of startups have an FDA clearance. Others claim to either have no certification or any other type of certification.
  • Preferred partnership areas: Startups pursue different goals when looking for a partner. The top 3 goals are: Startups are mainly looking for partnership to help with the commercialization of their services (51%), get fundings (47%) or joint piloting (31%).

Within a short period of time, R2GConnect has managed to become one of the largest global databases for digital health startups. Startups look for and find industrial partners and investors on R2GConnect.

Industry partners, mainly pharmaceuticals, MedTech and insurance companies, and investors are looking for startups for their innovation programs.

R2GConnect now offers access to startups of all kinds of digital health service offerings, geographical presence, company stages and sizes. To find the next digital health partner for a pilot, acceleration program, co-development project, conference pitch or to find the next investment opportunity in digital health, companies looking for startups in digital health can just place a search request on R2Gconnect and get applications from the large network of R2GConnect digital health startups.

Visit www.r2gconnect.com to find out more or contact Sorin Stircu, at: [email protected] (Partnerships Manager).