Launch of the R2G Digital Health Market Watch – The market & competitor monitor for the digital health industry.

R2G is pleased to announce the launch of a new market monitoring tool, the Digital Health Market Watch. The Market Watch is created to support key stakeholders who are interested in receiving the most relevant market and competitor insights in six major digital health segments (e.g diabetes management). The Digital Health Market Watch is currently organized in four key modules and is initially available on a monthly basis during a one-year program.

The digital health market is a rapidly evolving market, with much to keep an eye on. Every month, new solutions, services, and connected devices are being introduced globally for all major health segments. As the market evolves, so do the major health segments by becoming ever more specialized with tailored applications. From diabetes management to lung health, competitors are narrowing down their service offerings with the intention of attending to the specificities of human health, instead of selling one-size-fits-all solutions. To this regard, several hundreds of mobile solutions in each health segment are made available or replaced each year, with year-to-year user-base fluctuation rates reaching over two thirds of total market size (see, for instance, developments in mobile diabetes). Just like the technology itself, information on all major digital health segments is continuously being updated and renewed. At any moment, competitors from all areas of the industry are announcing new partnerships, product expansions, reimbursement opportunities and clearances for medical devices.

At Research2Guidance, we are committed to offering a product to guide you through the maze of digital health activity and update you in all major segments of health. Concise, quick & smart, the Digital Health Market Watch keeps you updated with all noteworthy information and key performance growth in the segments of your business’ interest. In fact, the Market Watch is intended to provide you with verified data-driven research, robust metrics and accumulative data insights. This strategic monitoring tool not only provides you with a very condensed and methodical news update, but it also gives you powerful performance and trend analytics. The Market Watch is also designed to offer a cumulative overview of month-on-month and year-on-year trends for your specific business metrics. For such reason, the Market Watch program is organized as a yearly subscription, where your business custom database will grow, and provide more valuable insights with each month.

The Digital Health Market Watch is currently offered for six major health segments:

1. Diabetes Management

2. Female Health

3. Nutrition & Weight Care

4. Cardio & Hearth Monitoring

5. Mental Health & Depression Solutions

6. Respiratory & Lung Health

The Digital Health Market Watch consists of four strategic modules

1. The Monthly News Monitor Module gives access to pivotal news and events succinctly screened, classified and summarized from several hundred of reliable sources.

2. The Top Competitor App Store Performance Module tracks pre-selected top competitors’ user-base growth in Android and Apple app stores.

3. The Rolling 12-Months KPIs Module enables you to understand the differences in growth, ratings, and rates for competitors’ flagship apps.

4. The App Updating Activity Module tracks changes and innovation activity of selected flagship competitor solutions.

For all the ways digital technology is disrupting healthcare, finding valuable and insightful content is not a straightforward task (even when relying on diligent reading habits along your morning coffee). The idea to create a proper market monitoring tool with both qualitative and quantitative content came from the need to offer a truly unbiased business analytics solution, which does not promote services but informs them. On that basis, the launching of the Digital Health Market Watch is all about empowering key business stakeholders to take hold of their digital service strategies by beating the odds of disinformation and asymmetry. In this sense, the Digital Health Market Watch is more than a simple newsletter, it is designed to break down knowledge barriers, while offering a cumulative knowledge methodology to overcome information overload on a monthly basis.

To learn more on the Digital Health Market Watch, please, click here. There you can have a more detailed account of services provided in each module, as well as a peak into the design of the product’s content.

Additionally, you can directly contact us at [email protected] to book a demo day and inform yourself on our customization practices. We are very eager to solve any of your doubts and discuss the benefits of subscribing to the Digital Health Market Watch.

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