How R2GConnect helps hundreds of innovators to find corporate partners in digital health

Nearly half a year after R2GConnect was launched, the platform received numerous positive feedbacks. It acts as a valuable tool to accelerate digital health partnerships for hundreds of startups and various healthcare stakeholders. R2GConnect has been widely used by startups and innovators to apply for different accelerators, startup competitions, pitching events, investors, and corporate programs.

Digital health partnerships bring together key decision makers from relevant healthcare industry giants and innovative digital health startups with solutions that transform global healthcare and strengthen digital health innovation ecosystem. Currently, there are more than 300 health accelerators globally which are actively looking and scouting startups with interesting solutions to partner with. Some of the leading players such as Amgen, Bayer, Beiersdorf and Boehringer Ingelheim are collaborating with digital health startups to solve major health challenges nowadays.

Several issues might occur during digital health partnerships. These problems can occur at any stage of the association. According to the latest study conducted by Research2Guidance, 80% of the digital health partnerships tend to fail due to unrealistic and mismatched expectations from the partnerships. (For more key insights on Partnerships In Digital Health, download R2G’s free whitepaper.)Research2Guidance, the analyst and consulting company based in Berlin launched R2GConnect which helps a lot of industry led accelerators, incubators, health insurance, pharma companies and event organizers to identify most relevant digital health startups to partner with and build the ecosystem in digital health.

R2GConnect, the latest global matching platform connects various healthcare stakeholders and digital health innovators. It opens a direct platform for accelerators, incubators, pharma, health insurance companies and event organizers to publish briefings or partnership opportunities.

R2GConnect has been working with digital health startups and corporate leaders interested in healthcare advancement. It provides a platform for startups and investors to build a partnership that possibly will change the face of digital healthcare. The platform offers a unique opportunity for countless investors and corporate players to meet with the talented startups and get the first-ever glance at different high-quality candidates that are working to change the digital healthcare field.


We promoted our Sports & Health Tech program on the R2GConnect platform. We had a strong focus on startups that were building solutions for the Health Tech space which R2G were most experienced in. The whole experience was very smooth from uploading the program onto the platform to receiving the information about startups who applied in a readable format.” – Mina Begum, Head Scout | lead Sports Accelerator

Impressed by the quick turn around and the quality of applicants identified in just two days! Looking forward to working together again in 2020.” – Nassir Katuramu | Making More Health by Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim

R2GConnect is working toward building a better future for digital healthcare. So, if you are looking for a brilliant startup and new technology to invest in, we can help you connect with the startups, which are screened by us before they get any visibility on our platform.

About R2GConnect
R2GConnect is a new innovation management platform for the global digital health partnerships market managed by Research2Guidance. Partners such as investors, accelerators and incubators, technology projects, and event organizers can place an unlimited number of briefings at R2GConnect to announce their business opportunities, corporate initiatives, and digital health events. Start-ups and innovators in digital health can apply to any briefing or business opportunity that relates to their services and solutions.

If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, visit or get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. | [email protected]

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