How do digital tools change the way clinical trials are conducted? – Panel discussion at GIANT’s Healthy Innovators Live TV Show!

Digital solutions and services for decentralized clinical trials have experienced considerable market momentum as COVID-19 disrupted traditional clinical trials designs and business models. The market for DDCT solutions and services in 2021 is expected to reach $1.79 billion in NA and Europe and $9.13 billion in 2026.

At GIANT’s Healthy Innovators Live TV Show, R2G’s team alongside a thought leader from Curebase, the most flexible decentralized clinical research solution, delved into digital decentralized clinical trials market and how digital solutions can support clinical trials.

On November 2nd, 2021, Barry Shrier, Founder and CEO, GIANT Health Event, hosted GIANT’s Healthy Innovators Live TV Show to discuss how digital tools change the way clinical trials are conducted. Ralf Jahns, MD at Research2Guidance led the discussion with Isabel Cassidy-Soto, Digital Health Consultant, Research2Guidance and Adam Samson, Senior Director of Clinical Operations & Customer Success, Curebase.

Digital decentralized clinical trial (DDCTs) solutions market is rapidly growing and is very attractive for pharma and trial sponsors, investors, CROs and DDCT companies. In 2026, the DDCTs market is expected to reach 9.13 billion USD. Today, more and more studies are starting to implement decentralized and virtual components, the whole clinical trial process is designed in a more patient-centric way, meeting patients where they are and engaging with them better, which leads to increased retention. The data collected is of high quality and it is done more efficiently. Increasingly using digital tools and services to conduct clinical trials is something that the market is leaning towards. These are just some of the thoughts shared by panellists.

Looking at the US and European market, one could not ignore the fact that the European landscape is so different going from one country to another. However, an optimistic opinion was shared by Adam (Curebase) that these types of approaches will help us get together as a global community and find some common ground.

During the show Isabel (R2G) presented our recently published digital health market study on “The Digital Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions Market 2018 – 2026” and shared some of the report‘s key take-aways.

  • Digital solutions and services provide benefits across the clinical trial value chain (e.g., Improved patient recruitment, retention and adherence to treatment, improved data quality and quantity, etc.).
  • DDCT solutions and services make the clinical trial process more efficient and offer better experience to patients.
  • Patient recruitment has long been a problem in clinical research and using real world data for better patient identification or a social media advertising could be huge in terms of finding the right patient for the clinical trial.
  • It costs more money to replace a patient than to actually recruit the patient. Patient engagement is crucial for the success of the trial.
  • In the next 5 years a greater percentage of clinical trials are going to start using at least in part some kind of a virtual technology.

Adam (Curebase) lifted the curtain around his company and revealed

  • How is Curebase supporting clinical trials with their service offering?
  • What is the journey of the different stakeholders and how mapping the different steps leads to improved retention significantly?
  • Where does Curebase see the major differences between the US market and their service offering acceptance and the European market?

To dive deeper into how digital tools change the way clinical trials are conducted, is the market overhyped with millions of investments (Medable secured $304 million in funding) , where the market is heading in the next 2 years, we invite you to watch this inspiring conversation, here.

In the near future, there will be lots of opportunities to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas. Hence, if you are interested, please join us on November 30th, 2021, at this years’ Giant Health event. According to Financial Times “Europe’s largest, most valuable annual festival of health-tech innovation“.

We hope to see you there – in-person in London or meet you virtually 😊

Research2Guidance has been monitoring the digital health market since 2010. In “The Digital Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions Market 2018 – 2026“, we take a deep dive into the addressable market in North America & Europe and the service offerings of 49 companies, classifying these into 6 major business models and describing their market size, trends and outlook in the next five years.

Happy to connect and have a chat about the market!

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