Go-to-market strategy for a mental health solution provider in Germany

R2G supported a leading mental health solution provider in building market entry strategy and a roadmap for DiGA, the German healthcare market.

With the start of the DiGA Fast Track process in Q2 2020 the German market became one of the most favorable for digital health solutions globally. Digital health solutions can reach up to 72 million statutory health insurance members in Germany and get reimbursed.


R2G was asked by a leading mental health solution provider to identify and assess market entry options for the German health market. The company is already successfully offering digital health supported services for patients with depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders in other European and non-European markets. The market entry strategy should be based on the possibilities of the newly created DiGA Fast Track but also on independent entry strategies.

R2G’s approach

R2G team worked on the following project modules:

  1. Market option development – Initial profiling of more than 20 market entry options including direct HCP or partnering approaches.
  2. Evaluation of options – Evaluation of market entry options based on their likelihood of success, implementation effort and impact on expected patients reach.
  3. Competitor profiling – Analysis of key competitors and their service offerings, go-to-market approaches and initial success.
  4. Market entry option selection – Selection of the best market entry options in a joined workshop.
  5. Clinical study assessment – Examination of the clinical studies carried out with regard to their suitability in the DIGA application process.
  6. Definition of clinical study outlines for DiGA – Design of a clinical study concept that meets the minimal requirements of the DIGA process.
  7. Roadmap development – Development of a high level market entry plan.


  • A market entry strategy and roadmap for DiGA and non-DiGA options based on available resources, assets and expected user numbers.
  • A recommendation for which clinical study is most promising for the DiGA process.
  • The results were presented in a series of workshops with the client’s extended global team of decision makers.

Timeframe: 2 months

R2G Project Team: 2-3 consultants, varying team size during project engagement

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