Go-to-market strategy development in the global digital respiratory solutions market for a leading pharma company

Project Background:
A global pharma company wanted to understand and size the market opportunity for digital solutions for patients with lung diseases e.g. asthma and COPD. They asked R2G to conduct market and competitor study into the global digital respiratory solutions market and evaluate options for market entry.

Some of the questions raised during the project were:

  • How big is the global digital respiratory solutions market today and how big will it be in the future?
  • How are revenues generated?
  • Who are the key competitors and what can we learn from them?
  • Should we build our own solution or should we partner with an existing vendor?
  • Should a pharma company enter the market and how?

What we did:
The thorough digital respiratory solutions market intelligence was divided into 4 work streams: competitors’ insights, global respiratory diseases market screening, market entry options and a survey on the success factors in the digital health market.

  1. Competitor insights – this work stream uncovered 6 different groups of players that are active in the global digital respiratory solutions market, as well as top 10 key players’ strategies, solution / service offerings, and their revenue streams. It helped the client better understand their competitors’ value propositions and better position strategically their solution / service offering.
  2. Global respiratory diseases market screening – this market deep dive analysis showed both the demand and the supply of the market, helped size the business opportunity and identify major digital respiratory solutions market trends and future forecasts. The breakdown of the current and future revenue streams helped the client develop their solution / service roadmap strategy.
  3. Market entry options – this work stream recognized the specific market dynamics and evaluated different strategies to enter successfully the global digital respiratory solutions market. Key barriers were identified, and risk involved in different scenarios.
  4. Best practice demonstrations – A series of workshops that showcased best practice examples for critical success factors in digital health including user retention, coaching, analytics, distribution and eco-systems.
  5. R2G digital health panel about success factors in the digital health market – nearly 400 digital health professionals around the world shared their insights and opinion on which factors contribute to the success of a digital health solution and set it apart.

Market and competitors’ deep dive intelligence have been presented and discussed in a series of workshops with an extended global team of decision makers and digital team members from the client side.

R2G engaged 4 consultants on the project. The project time-frame was 3 months.

The quantitative and qualitative analysis provided a comprehensive picture of the global market for digital respiratory solutions. It helped the client to size the market opportunity and understand what value proposition and business models are needed in order to implement a successful digital respiratory solution/service. Based on the survey results the client evaluated potential market entry options and a future digital respiratory solution offering that best fits their business case.