Global market screening for the matchmaking of a big healthcare accelerator

Project Background:
For accelerators it is imperative to receive enough applications from start-ups of the right target group and of good quality. More applications mean more selection options and often a higher quality of the accelerator program participants.

The customer belongs to the upper echelon of health accelerators. It is very attractive among healthcare start-ups. The goal of the project is it to increase the attractiveness and to increase the matchmaking possibilities among very specific target groups of healthcare start-ups globally.


What we did:
We have been helping the customer to extend the success of their accelerator program by identifying, screening and structuring the global start-up market. Target groups for the screening are very specific disease areas as well as other criteria. Thus, several pre-defined screening dimensions have been applied:
– 12 specific disease areas
– highly innovative start-ups
– established company structure
– other internal criteria

In total ten thousand of start-ups have been identified and screened in order to deliver the result of several hundred finalists fulfilling the screening criteria.