Global digital diabetes market and competitor analysis

R2G conducted a comprehensive analysis of the digital diabetes market and direct competitors for a leading diabetes solutions provider.


A leading diabetes solutions provider asked R2G to investigate the current state of the digital diabetes market on global and regional levels and get a comprehensive view of key competitors’ strategy, offerings and performance.

R2G’s approach

R2G executed the project in 4 major steps:

  1. Market screening – Analysis of the digital diabetes market: number of service providers, number of solutions and associated annual downloads and users, penetration rate, major changes and trends shaping the market globally, in 4 regions and 55 countries in 2017-2019.
  2. Top market players – Top 10 lists of digital diabetes solution providers per region (including performance), most successful market entrants.
  3. Market revenue – Analysis of the existing business models and revenue streams, services pricing and R2G’s market model for annual revenues estimation globally and in 4 regions.
  4. Direct competition – In-depth analysis of the client’s direct competitors: service offering, performance stats, strategy, partnerships map, perceived strengths and weaknesses.


  • Market size in terms of number of market players, digital diabetes solutions and active users globally, in 4 regions and 55 countries in 2017-2019.
  • Digital diabetes market business models and revenues globally and in 4 regions.
  • Exhaustive profiles of the direct competitors and top market players.

Timeframe: 2-3 months

R2G Project Team: 3 consultants