EU mHealth App Business Accelerator

Helping mHealth app publishers and country organizations to succeed in the European mHealth economy

EU mHealth App Business Accelerator

The EU mHealth app business accelerator consists of a set of service offerings to help mHealth app publishers and country organizations to develop their go-to-market approach and market entry strategies and to improve the country readiness for mHealth start-ups.

The service offering is built upon a large database of mHealth app developers in Europe, decision makers in government institutions, established mHealth marketing channels as well as a team of experienced mHealth consultants with a track record of creating value for clients.

For further information and to find out how you can benefit from the mHealth App Business Accelerator please contact:

Rainer Herzog, Managing Director HIMSS Europe, [email protected]
Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director r2g, [email protected]


Companies from within and outside the EU can use the EU mHealth App Accelerator program to get support for their go-to-market strategy.

Country profiling and prioritization:

  • Healthcare system profiling (analysis of healthcare systems’ overall set-up, care and payment processes)
  • Barriers and stimulators of market entry for mHealth businesses
  • Competitors
  • Stakeholders
  • Ecosystem partners
  • Country prioritization for the respective mHealth service to be launched

EU country rollout & marketing push:

  • Identification of partner in the pilot countries
  • mHealth service localization incl. identification of key needs and key clients to start mHealth business and adapting existing mHealth products to local needs and requirements
  • Pricing and business model elaboration and adoption to country specifics
  • Recruitment of mHealth app developers and business developers and mHealth
  • Onboarding and start-up of local team support and office search
  • Develop a detailed market entry strategy, including business models
  • Set up 180 days marketing and business development campaign

Match making:

  • Connection with key players, stake holders of the healthcare system and investors
  • Deal preparation



Country institutions that want to drive the mHealth business within their home countries can benefit from the mHealth App Business Accelerator three ways.

Country mHealth roadmap and guideline definition:

  • Analysis of country-specific market situation and readiness to embrace mHealth businesses
  • Assessment of key market requirements allowing for the development of a dynamic mHealth business in the country
  • Identification of the key strengths and barriers in the country
  • Benchmarking with other markets/countries and identification of gaps and areas to take action on; lessons learned from best practice
  • Assessment of suitable incentive models to drive the adoption of mHealth in a regional and national context
  • Establishing national mHealth roadmaps
  • Analysis of the potential economic impact of mHealth, as well as of implications on the quality of patient care

mHealth App Developer Program:

  • Assessment of mHealth app developer and publishers needs
  • Develop business offering for mHealth app developer
  • Run mHealth developer country events to promote business offerings

180 days awareness and marketing push:

  • Development of a marketing strategy to attract mHealth app developers to do business in the country
  • Campaign management