We provide market intelligence for the digital health solutions market. Our market and competitor deep dives create a comprehensive picture of the market, help you uncover new opportunities and address efficiently market challenges.

Deep Dives are small, tailored projects providing you with the latest and in-depth market and competitor insights, which are most relevant to your business case.  Our process is based on proven techniques and value-honored mHealth market expertise since 2010.  Healthcare companies, Venture Funds and Start-ups rely on us to:

  • Seize the opportunity of a market, e.g. telehealth / digital mental health solutions, hearing tests or fertility trackers
  • Identify potential partners, e.g. payers or pharmaceutical companies
  • Find investment opportunities, e.g. venture funds
  • Learn from best in-class competitor offerings, e.g. to improve user retention or monetization of own solution

Deep Dive projects typically last between 1 – 3 months.

EXPLORE THE MARKET SEGMENT &                                                                REGION IN WHICH YOU WANT A DEEP DIVE

Scoping criteria: Market segments.

Our Deep Dives can be executed for each of the segments that constitute the digital health market. A Deep Dive can look at a certain function, e.g. diagnosis, adherence, patient self-management or prevention tools, or it could dig deep into available solutions for certain health conditions, e.g. diabetes, asthma, or obesity.

Scoping criteria: Regions.

Deep dives can be executed on a global, regional and/or country level.

The Deep Dive will then create market insights along three dimensions:

1st Dimension: Market insights.

Deep Dives allow you to gauge the size of your intended market. It looks at both the supply and demand side of the market. It helps you discover for example:

  • How many patients are currently using telehealth solutions in EMEA?
  • How big is the digital diabetes app market in the USA?
  • How many offerings are available currently?
  • How many downloads and users do current app solutions have?
  • How much money is currently being made?
  • What are the main revenue sources?
  • What are the top 5 most successful competitors?

2nd Dimension: Trends and forecasts.

The analysis identifies and describes major trends that will shape the digital health market segment. It will also look 3-5 years ahead and provide forecast scenarios that allow you to see how fast the digital health market segment is growing. It answers questions like:

  • How big will the market for digital mental health solutions be in 2020?
  • What are the key trends that will shape the market for digital health coaching services?
  • How much of the addressable market of COPD patients will be captured by digital solutions in 2020?

3rd Dimension: Competitor views.

The Deep Dive on each of the top competitors in the digital health market will provide a comprehensive picture about their current service offering and its performance. It will make their partnership strategy transparent and evaluate their perceived strategy and roadmap. The competitor view of the Deep Dive will answer questions like:

  • What forces drive the competitor and how did the competitor develop over the years?
  • What makes a certain competitor unique?
  • What makes the business model successful and how much revenue is being generated?
  • How might the service offering change over the next 1-2 years?

Deep Dives go beyond classical app performance analysis since best-in-class digital health solutions today are part of a larger ecosystem that connects sensors, coaching services, remote monitoring and HCP tools.

Business models have expanded in their definition to beyond simply selling premium app content.

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