The digital health market develops at an impressive speed. Yearly fluctuation rate among solution providers can get as high as 80% in certain market segments e.g. diabetes. New services and apps, connected devices, features are introduced every month. Hundreds of news outlets, conferences and blogs cover certain areas of the market, which makes it difficult and very time consuming to filter out information that is relevant for your company and digital service offering.


The Digital Health Market Watch does this for you. The Market Watch is available for all major market segments including diabetes, woman’s health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss and heart.


Our Market Watch service offering provides market insights every month. It filters key market news, shows winners and losers, top competitor performance, updates, partnerships and investments deals. The market watch is a very condensed information source that allows you to see:

  • What app updates your competitors have recently launched
  • How their downloads and user base have changed since last month
  • Which partnerships and investment rounds have been closed
  • Which new entrants have had an impact


We filter insights and news from more than 500 different sources every month to create a report that helps to see key market news and competitor activities at a glance.



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