Digital health market scan and platform strategy development across nine chronic disease segments

R2G consulting team supported a leading global pharma company by conducting a comprehensive market screening and creating a platform strategy development across nine chronic disease segments.


Our client, a global pharma company, was interested in which features and devices add value for patients using connected digital health solutions, across disease segments and around the world. Segments were compared for their maturity, a measurement which quantifies the availability and frequency of use of digital solutions. R2G also assessed the potential for different disease segments to be grouped into a platform approach (ie. a solution addressing multiple common diseases or comorbidities).

R2G’s approach

This project was divided into three major workstreams.

Feature Affinity Assessment: R2G identified the most essential digital features for each disease condition by what is already available and successful in the market today. The team selected the top 10 digital connected health solutions for each of these areas, filtering based on usage/downloads, media coverage, funding, patient-centricity, and other indicators of success. Features were mapped and classified by segment, and then grouped by functionality.

Platforming Strategy Assessment: Groups of common features were explored to understand how platforms could be implemented across disease areas. Each segment was also analysed to understand the percentage of solutions using a platform approach already. Segments were classified according to their maturity, which was quantified by the supply and demand of solutions, quality of services, and level of integration with the healthcare system.

Stream 3, Expert Survey: R2G conducted a survey among a panel of 25,000 digital health experts, users, providers, and developers to corroborate the findings of the market analysis. Based on this extensive market research, the team developed several platform strategy options suitable for a large corporate with interest in breaking into the digital health space.


The research outcomes included defining the must have and nice to have features for digital health solutions in 9 disease areas, quantifying maturity of each segment and comparing across disease areas and assessing the validity of the platform approach for each segment.

By understanding the client’s strengths and priorities, what is successful in today’s market, and what is notably missing in successful solutions, R2G outlined several strategies for entering the digital health market with a strong platform offering.

Timeframe: 4 months

R2G Project Team: 3-4 consultants

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