We provide access to the global digital health industry. Our digital health panel allows you to get direct feedback from decision makers within digital health start-ups and established players.

Feedback directly from the digital health panel can be used in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • You are a health insurance company that wants to set up a partner program for start-ups. Direct feedback from digital health start-ups would help you to shape the program.
  • You are planning a new secure hosting service for digital health and want to get direct feedback for your potential clients before the launch.
  • You are running an accelerator program and want to become more efficient in your participant acquisition. Asking start-ups directly will allow you to understand what they really want and how they rate your service offering.
  • You are running an app developer company and focus on pharma and health insurance companies. Using the digital health panel will help you assess your brand recognition within the regional, targeted industries and learn how well-known your competitors are. By repeating the survey every 6 months, you’ll see how your marketing activities impacted your brand recognition.
  • You are running a SAAS platform for healthcare and want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget. Direct feedback from your potential clients will inform you about search behavior and decision criteria.
  • You are a university or political institution that wants to identify employment or infrastructure needs of the industry to better tailor your regional development program.


The global digital health panel currently consists of more than 25,000 decision makers and is growing every day. The vast majority (80%) of people within the panel is either on CxO level or have a management position within their company. The regional split of the panel represents the current market dynamics– with 40% coming from North America, 40% from Europe, and 20% from APAC.

Access to the digital health panel.

  • Online Surveys
    Learn the opinions and gather valuable data from the decision makers within your target group via managed online surveys.
  • Focus Telephone Interviews
    Gain real-time deep dive market and business insights from the right healthcare players which are tailored to your business needs.

Digital health panel projects allow you to get results in just a few weeks.

In a typical project, our experts would help you develop the questionnaire for the selected target group and time frame. During the survey and interview phase, we keep you informed about initial results but also on participation status. During result presentation, we pay special attention to highlighting the impact the feedback could have on your business.



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