R2G’s Innovation Management Approach To Building Digital Health Ecosystems

Building an ecosystem of third-party digital health solutions is of strategic relevance for most established healthcare companies. However, success stories are not that common. Today, most of the processes to build ecosystems have little impact.

At Research2Guidance, we support Pharma, Health Insurers, and MedTech companies to form integrated and impactful digital health ecosystems with R2G’s innovation management approach.


Our approach consists of four steps:

R2G Digital Health Ecosystem service offering

You can choose tailored a la carte service for any step or e2e management via partnership.



The first step is to define the partnership areas that bring the highest impact to the company’s value propositions.

  • Digital Health Market & Competitor Analysis

Our market and competitor deep dives create a comprehensive picture of the digital health market, help you uncover new opportunities, and assess the business potential.

  • Roadmap Development

What is your vision of the ecosystem? R2G helps prioritize countries, segments, and service offerings to build the ecosystem in the next three to five years.



R2G helps identify the best candidates to create synergies from the ecosystem. This step provides briefings to screen available solutions and holds partner workshops for evaluation.

  • R2G Connect Matching Platform

R2GConnect is a digital health marketplace with over 1,000 digital health companies’ databases to screen and search potential partners.

  • Partner Screening & Presentation Day

We analyze digital health solutions and companies in the target segments by the evaluation criteria catering to our clients. Also, arrange and host Presentation Day with best-in-class candidates for the business pitch and discussion.



Often projects get stuck in the partnership ideation or pilot phase due to a lack of a clear integration process. Partner management aims to develop an operational model that efficiently allows the healthcare company to partner with multiple digital health start-ups.

  • Partnership Model & Contracting

Partnerships between incumbents and start-ups should be designed around trust and flexibility. R2G liaises with both parties to find the best outcomes of a three-to-five-year business plan.

  • Piloting & Progress Monitoring

Monitoring and communication during the pilot phase are essential to keep up the momentum and prepare the organization for the commercial launch.



Now it is time to integrate the operation of both parties and scale up the ecosystem service offerings.

  • Governance Setting

Building an ecosystem requires a governance structure that provides clear ownership (sponsor) and responsibility of the partnership(s). Create a dedicated team to manage all aspects of the partnership.

  • KPI Tracking

The constant tracking of expected benefits will allow companies to evaluate the partners’ performance and rationale for the internal budget and resource justification. R2G helps to define KPI and benefits cases.


Our innovation management approach has successfully been adopted to help various healthcare companies create a digital health ecosystem for their customers. R2G team understands the challenges and opportunities that accompany the digital health ecosystem model, as we hope to help you unlock its value.

Want to know more about digital health ecosystems? We are happy to connect.



R2G’s Digital Health Ecosystem Series

While conducting extensive research and projects within the health insurance industry, our team saw the best-in-class examples with some market players having 100 solutions within their ecosystems from third-party providers in a wide variety of digital health segments. 

R2G’s digital health ecosystem series tackles the what, who, why and how of building digital health ecosystems of insurance incumbents.  

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Part 4: The rise of Digital health ecosystems. It just takes 3 years to build one.

Part 5: Enabling incumbents: 8 building blocks to create a large-scale digital health ecosystem via partnerships.

If you have enjoyed the digital health ecosystem series and are eager to learn more, then have a chat with us.


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