Digital health market and mobile health start-ups deep dive insights for a top health accelerator

Project Background: 

Research2Guidance runs the largest mHealth App Developer Economics research program globally since 2010.

Part of the mHealth App Developer research program are regularly conducted surveys investigating the status and trends in digital health market. Overall, more than 15,000 mHealth app developers and decision makers have participated in the research program and shared their views about the mHealth app market. The survey data is enriched with market analyses and interviews to validate stakeholders’ opinions. The main aim of the research program is to assist all market players in better understanding global mHealth sector developments and trends.

In R2G regular study slots can be reserved for questions from customers. However, the questions must fit the general topic.


What we did:

Upon request of one of R2G customers, part of  the mHealth App Developer survey was dedicated to accelerators and incubators active in digital health market. Some of the questions included:

  • What are start-ups expecting from accelerators and what are they willing to give back in return?
  • How aware are mHealth start-ups about particular accelerators?
  • What’s the ideal length of an accelerator program in healthcare?
  • What are the best and most efficient channels to reach out to mHealth start-ups?

Answers have been collected and analyzed.



The mHealth app developers and healthcare professionals market  insights have helped the customer to better optimize their market positioning, adapt their service offerings, USPs and marketing campaigns for their target group.