Deep Dive into trends in the digital chronic care market

Explore how R2G helped a leading Medtech company understand the latest trends and developments of the digital chronic care market.


A leading global Medtech company operating in the area of chronic care wanted to find out what are the latest digital chronic care market trends, developments and new best-in-class service offerings. R2G was asked to run a market screening of the digital health segment for 6 major chronic diseases: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hypolipidemia, cardiovascular diseases and mental health.

R2G’s approach

In this Deep Dive, R2G conducted:

  • Market scan – Scan of the market of digital health tools for the 6 chronic conditions in scope, evaluation of the competition level. Special focus on the solutions with digitally enabled coaching, telehealth, remote patient monitoring and self-management.
  • Providers analysis – Classification of the digital health vendors operating in the chronic care and and identification of the most advanced offerings.
  • Best-in-class analysis – Profiling of the leading market players and most innovative solutions: product, value proposition, business model, pricing, strategy and recent partnerships.


  • Up-to-date digital chronic care market landscape.
  • Showcasing of the best-in-class digital health service offerings for chronic conditions.
  • Analysis of the key market trends and changes, discussion of the implications for the client’s digital health strategy.

Timeframe: 1 month

R2G Project Team: 1 consultant