Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 – Take part and get your valuable reward right after the survey

We just started the 2nd  edition of our cross platform app development study. Take part in the largest comparative analysis and evaluation of app development tools. See initial results right after completing the survey and get one of four detailed tool profile reports (490€) for free.

Last year’s edition of the  Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking  showed that there is a high fragmentation in the market for cross platform development tools. The available cross platform tools vary not only in terms of technology but also in terms of complexity, capabilities and platform support.

A lot of app developers are prejudiced against using cross-platform tools due to the fragmentation of the mobile app market. Developers believe that cross platform tools are producing only low quality apps – a myth as the Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2013 has revealed. In fact, many of today’s cross platform tools are rather mature and most developers who use cross platform tools are very satisfied.

The major challenge for mobile app developers is the choice of the appropriate tool.

With this new study Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 research2guidance aims at structuring the fragmented market for cross platform tools. Thus help mobile app developers to identify the best cross platform tool for their particular app projects. In the current survey more than 140 cross platform tool vendors around the globe will be revised by their users: The global community of app developers, app publishers and app decision makers will rate those tools.

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Are you a user, potential user or  a non-user of cross platform tools? Feel free to share your view on cross platform tools. Take the survey and find out:

  • Which classes of cross platform tools are offered
  • Which are the most popular cross platform tools for particular use cases
  • How complex are particular cross platform tools
  • How comprehensive and deep the is platform support
  • What time savings can be realized
  • What is the app quality (e.g. performance, look and feel…) of cross platform apps
  • What are the costs of using a particular cross platform tool
  • How good are the support services

To take the survey, click here.  (Survey is closed).


Take part in our survey and be part of the largest independent benchmarking study about cross platform app development tools.

Let developers around the globe benefit from your participation and benefit yourself:

  • See initial results immediately after completing the survey
  • Upon completion, receive a detailed cross platform tool profiling report from  Marmalade,  Unity 3D,Xamarin  or  Corona SDK  for free (25-30 pages; regular shop price: € 490)
  • Receive the Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 report upon completion for free
  • Become a part of the largest benchmarking platform on cross platform tools

We look forward to getting your answer! Go to Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 (Survey is closed).

The survey is now closed. We have just published “Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014” report which is the largest global study of the cross-platform tool market.




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