Creating a digital health portfolio for an insurance company

R2G supported a leading health insurance in UAE in selecting  and integrating digital health solutions for their 3 million members.


Our client wanted to build a digital health portfolio that supported their 3 million members. Main goals where to attract new members and corporate customers with a digital health offering and to reduce claims costs.

R2G’s approach

The project was executed based on R2G’s innovation management approach. It was divided into six major steps:

  1. Roadmap definition: Based on claims data and strategy workshops with the client, R2G developed a roadmap of digital health segments that support new customer acquisition and helps to reduce costs.
  2. Market screening and selection: R2G began with the first wave screening for diabetes, adiposity and women’s health solutions globally. Selection days were organized in USA, GER, and UAE.
  3. Partnership model definition and contracting: R2G defined the operational and business model and managed the process of contracting.
  4. Piloting: Selected partners were engaged in a 9 months service localization and pilot phase managed by R2G.
  5. Service development and sales support: R2G defined the value proposition inkling pricing and customer segmentation to support service uptake and member acquisition.
  6. Definition of the operational model and change management: R2G developed the company’s roles and responsibility model to partner with selected startups. A series of change management workshops supported the awareness and acceptance of partner solutions and processes. 


  • Partnerships with leading digital health vendors were secured. 
  • A portfolio of digital solutions for diabetes, weight loss, and women’s health was implemented.
  • More than 50,000 members used the solutions after 2 years. 
  • The digital health portfolio has been vital to renew existing contracts and to acquire new customers.
  • Full awareness of new service offerings within the company including training of a team of 25 coaches.

Timeframe: 2 years

R2G Project Team: 1-5 consultants, varying team size during project engagement