Competitor analysis of EMR integration strategies to support digital chronic care service provider

Discover how R2G’s consulting team conducted an EMR vendor landscape and developed strategic options for future EMR strategy to support digital chronic care service provider.


A global digital diabetes solution provider wanted to evaluate the current status of EMR integration for a list of key competitors and to conduct an EMR vendor landscape analysis in selected countries in North America, Asia and Europe. The goal was to better understand if and how competitors were integrating their diabetes solutions with hospital electronic medical records (EMR) systems and to identify the top EMR vendors.

R2G’s approach

Evaluation of EMR integration offerings: Comprehensive analysis of EMR integration offering, including connection standards and data formats, level of integration as well as overall business model adopted by each competitor. Additionally, differences and commonalities and between companies were analyzed and summarized.

Defining top vendors by in-depth EMR vendor landscape analyses: For each country, the EMR system vendors were ranked based on their share of the hospital market/number of hospital installations and the top 5 vendors were identified.

Development of strategic options for future EMR strategy: R2G recommended to prioritize integration in certain regions and to seek an integration partnership to facilitate the overall process. Additionally, R2G recommended to conduct a comprehensive regulatory landscape analysis before starting integration initiatives.


  • Status of EMR integration offering for key competitors
  • In-dept profile pages for each company
  • Identification of commonly adopted EMR integration strategies, level of integration and business models
  • Identification of top 5 EMR vendors with largest market share and main integration partners in each country
  • Strategic recommendations for guiding future integration plan

Timeframe: 8 weeks

R2G Project Team: 3 consultants

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