Business case and services expansion strategy into digital prevention

Learn how R2G studied the digital prevention market and developed market entry options and rationale for a global Medtech company.


One of the top diabetes care market players considered expanding their digital service offering to diabetes prevention. In order to obtain a clear picture of the new market segment, better understand the opportunity size and develop a business case, the company approached R2G.

R2G’s approach

The in-depth market research was organized in 5 modules:

  1. Market screening – Analysis of the digital prediabetes segment: market size (number of service providers and users), major trends shaping the market, existing service offerings and revenue streams.
  2. Competitor analysis – Profiling of the top market players: digital product portfolios, pricing, business models and strategies.
  3. Global survey on digital prevention services – >200 digital health experts from the R2G Panel validated hypotheses about the prediabetes segment and acceptance of digital preventive services in the market (incl. including payer organizations’ representatives).
  4. Market opportunity – Market attractiveness evaluation for 10 countries, selection of top 4 countries for market entry investigation.
  5. Market entry recommendations – R2G’s recommendation to enter/not enter the segment, explaining the required minimum viable product, potential market entry options and expected revenues/losses for the next 5 years in line with 3 scenarios of market growth.


  • Prediabetes market size and revenues, top players.
  • A clear recommendation on market entry strategy and necessary steps for the USA and 3 other country markets.
  • Minimum viable product, implementation options, and a roadmap for service expansion.
  • The business case for 2020-2024 with 3 market growth scenarios and strategic market entry rationale.

Timeframe: 3 months

R2G Project Team: 4 consultants

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