Are you looking for a digital health startup?

Startups are one of the main drivers of innovation in healthcare. Healthcare companies, research institutions, regulators, and investors are searching for the best partners for their digital health solution worldwide. R2GConnect is the new global scouting platform for digital health startups.

A large portion of healthcare companies including pharma, MedTech, hospitals, health insurances, academic and research organizations, and regulators are constantly looking for digital health startups for commercial partnerships, co-development, investing, and/or acquisition. 62% of those companies have managed to close partnerships with 1-5 digital health startups over the last 2 years (R2G “Partnerships in Digital Health 2023).

R2GConnect is a global scouting and startup evaluation platform. The platform was officially launched in October 2022.

Any company that is looking for a digital health company can place a briefing (startup search request) and specify exactly what they are looking for. Briefing partners can choose from a predefined list of search criteria which are tailored to the digital health market and includes:

  • Therapeutic area (e.g., digital diabetes, dermatology, cardiology, oncology, or disease agnostic solutions)
  • Solution category (e.g., care coordination, diagnostics, symptom tracking, data analytics or claim and payment management)
  • Regulatory approval (e.g., FDA, CE MDR, AMDD, or ORCHA)
  • Countries in which the startup is active
  • Funding status by USD raised since founding
  • Company size by number of employees and revenue
  • Main target industries (e.g., hospitals, pharma, insurance, or MedTech companies)

Additionally, companies specify their “must have” criteria and ask startups to answer three “deal-maker questions”.

Since October 2022, more than 5,000 startups have registered on R2GConnect. New startups are registering every month.

Today the R2GConnect database hosts digital health startups and grownups from all over the world that all offer digital health services for a wide range of therapeutic areas and use cases.

Briefing partners can search for digital health solutions in the database using advanced search filters and invite startups to apply to their briefings (partnership search requests). Startups can browse through the list of briefings and apply directly for the partnership opportunity their solution or service fits best.

Briefing partners can manage all incoming applications with their dashboard. They can either accept or decline applications via the R2GConnect chat service.

Companies like Egis Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, CSS, German Ministry of Health, ORCHA, IBM, Digital Health Ventures, Jemm Ventures, or Barcelona Health Hub have use R2GConnect to search for digital health startups.

To find out how you can use R2GConnect to find your next digital health startup, book a demo session here.