Are digital preventive services in healthcare ready to take off? R2G just launched a global digital health survey to find out.

R2G just launched a new survey targeting the topic of digital prevention services in health and most specifically in diabetes prevention. To have a better understanding of these current trends, the survey explores the potential market readiness both from the payer’s perspective as well as from digital health providers. Also, the survey aims to understand the barriers to the integration of such services.

It’s well known that, nowadays, one of the biggest focus of digital health is to support the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Many digital health companies developed strategies to cope with diabetes and to overcome market barriers, but other companies like Lark, Livongo and Omada already went a step further and are now focusing also on prediabetes. These companies offer digital prevention services for people who have a high risk of developing diabetes (blood glucose concentration is 5.5 – 7.0 mmol/L for fasting plasma glucose) but are still not considered diabetic patients. The digital prevention market in diabetes is a promising one since its solutions can have a huge impact in countries with increasing prevalence of diabetes such as the USA or China.

Global survey on digital prevention

Nevertheless, there are still many barriers to overcome when considering digital prevention services in healthcare, such as: is the general population aware of prediabetes? Who is paying for preventive services in digital health and is there a sustainable market? How to integrate such services in healthcare systems? Are private payers interested in offering such services to their employees and membership base?

These are the questions we would like to answer with your help! We will be thrilled to hear from several stakeholders involved in digital health and together have a better understanding and discover new ways of doing healthcare.

Take part in our survey!

Here are some perks of being a participant:

  • You can test your thoughts and compare your ideas with other industry representatives
  • Help us understand what different market strategies mean for prediabetes patients
  • Receive a summary of the results  
  • Contribute to the success of the digital health market

We thank you for your time and participation!

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