About Us

“We believe apps will have a significant impact on the future success of business. We are here to help companies realize the potential of mobile apps as a way to revolutionize and improve their service offerings.”


Our Story

Early in 2009, after Google and Apple had established the new app eco-system, we realized that the mobile app economy would grow to become one of the largest and most dynamic market segments in an increasingly connected world. We wanted to be part of this dynamic market and to help companies realize the potential business opportunities available to them within the mobile app economy.

Since we started in 2009, we have consulted  leading companies in  successfully navigating the mobile app ecosystem, including the likes of: Google, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Mozilla, Samsung, Ericsson, Marmalade and Digia. We also helped global brands and start-up companies looking to enter into the app economy e.g. Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, EMTensor and Baby Bundle.

During this time we  realized that mHealth was becoming  an important  element of the mobile app ecosystem. We understood  that mobile apps if applied to the traditional healthcare sector could help to increase the efficacy and quality of healthcare for billions of people globally. This resulted in the mHealth App Developer Economics program.

The mHealth App Developer Economics combines all the knowledge and insights we have gained over the course of the last few years. Our mHealth app market reports belong to the leading market reports globally, and our mHealth consultants have an outstanding track record of helping our clients from the healthcare, telecom and hi-tech sector to define and implement their mHealth app strategy, and ultimately improving healthcare globally.

The research2guidance team is passionate about the mobile app economy and in  helping to improve the quality of healthcare for billions globally through the advancement of mHealth…


Meet the senior management team.

Ralf-Gordon Jahns

Director & Co-Founder

[email protected]

Ralf is the director of research2guidance. He has worked for more than 19  years in the telecom and media industry. Prior to research2guidance he was a partner and member of the leadership team of Capgemini Telecom Media & Networks. Ralf is a frequent keynote speaker on mobile industry events, publisher of a multitude of mobile app market reports and executive consultant for more than 30  clients in the mobile and app industry.

In his spare time Ralf enjoys life away from the world of mobile-tech  hiking up mountains and through the wilderness!

Markus Pohl

Co-founder & Research Director

[email protected]

Markus has been engaged in market research for more than ten years. Previously Research Director for the UK-based Group GTI/trendence, Markus has conducted global research projects with clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, IKEA, Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Audi, BMW, Motorola and Vodafone.