60% of Digital Health Startups Plan to Outsource Their Medical App Development This Year

Medical app development leads the shopping list of digital health startups this year (60%), followed by cloud (47%) and AI services (43%). The market for providers of technical services for digital health companies has developed strongly in recent years. Service providers can now contact digital health companies by placing offers via R2GConnect.

94% of the digital health stakeholders outsourced some of their needs to external service providers over the last two years, according to the latest study (n=293) from R2G “Digital Health Startups: Outsourcing Needs“.

As the digital health sector burgeons, with hundreds of thousands of companies vying for market share, the competition intensifies, necessitating support across various domains such as technical expertise, service delivery, business growth, and regulatory compliance to realize innovative solutions.

Especially the market for service providers offering technical support and infrastructure for digital health companies grows strongly (See “The Forming of the Global Service Providers Market for Digital Health Companies”). In fact, several service providers such as Digital Health Port, Linnify, Cyber Legion, and Pale Blue Software already placed their offers on the R2GConnect platform for digital health companies who need support around GenAI, security, and web/app development.

The survey results also reveal that 60% of the global digital health stakeholders specifically need Medical software development support this year. However, from navigating compliance requirements and ensuring data security to optimizing user experience and interoperability, medical software development requires by itself a multidisciplinary approach involving various other technical domains.

Following that, as the second most-needed technical support, Cloud services garnered 47% of the responses from global digital health solution providers. Digital health solutions increasingly rely on data-driven insights and remote access, making cloud infrastructure a must for scalability and accessibility.

Similarly, support for AI and machine learning is also in the top 3 technical needs of global digital health companies in 2024, with 43% of respondents highlighting support required for related services. From drug discovery to predictive analytics and personalized treatment recommendations, AI holds a promise of transforming therapy development, patient care, and clinical decision-making for healthcare providers.

Moreover, 28% of digital health companies and business owners are searching for Product validation and quality assurance services, which play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of digital health solutions.

Amid cybersecurity threats in healthcare, Security services (24%) and Monitoring and maintenance services (24%) are also going to be demanded in 2024 by digital health companies, who need safeguarding sensitive patient data, maintaining compliance, and ensuring seamless operation of the digital health platforms.

Lastly, the global digital health stakeholders are also seeking support in Hardware manufacturing (%17) and Telecommunication infrastructure development (%14). As connected devices and telehealth solutions become vital in offering easy accessibility to healthcare, the need for reliable hardware and virtual care infrastructure will grow further.

The vast scope for technical innovation in digital health, spanning from pioneering software development to enhancing cybersecurity protocols and facilitating remote healthcare delivery, offers abundant opportunities. Service providers equipped with expertise in healthcare technology development and relevant services stand poised to capitalize on these opportunities.

On the R2GConnect platform, service providers in digital health are now offered to place their “Deals” (special offers) in technical and range of other support areas for digital health startups and companies. Digital health companies can at the same time publish their “Help Requests”, and access to a pool of specialized service providers for their needs.

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