For the 5th time research2guidance in collaboration with the mHealth Summit in Riga are conducting the largest mHealth research program: mHealth App Developer Economics 2015. The study will be focused on the mHealth app market, how apps generate revenue, how behaviour could be changed by apps, use of APIs and sensors and many other related topics.

Each participant will:

- have the chance to win one of five free entry tickets to the mHealth Summit in Riga

- get a free copy of the mHealth App Developer Economics 2015 report

- see preliminary results immediately after completing the survey

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mHealth App Developer Survey 2015 by research2guidance



Attracted by the overall market hype around smartphone applications, independent application developers and to a lesser extent traditional healthcare industry players

have started to develop and market mHealth applications on the smartphone application stores.

“Global mHealth Developer Survey”
The “Global mHealth Developer Survey” aims at providing insights on how mHealth developers view the future of the mHealth market.

The survey, conducted in 2010, examines the opinions of both start-up companies and traditional healthcare market players that have had experience publishing applications for a smartphone platform.

A total number of 231 companies participated and shared their views, experience and insights. We would like to thank each of these companies, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Some of the results are:

  • The majority of participants predict that the mHealth will break through in the next five years.
  • Nearly 80% of respondents see diabetes as the therapeutic area with highest business potential.
  • Today healthcare interested people and clinical doctors are the main target groups for mHealth solutions, as seen by 61% and 58% of respondents, respectively.
  • Smartphone penetration is seen as the main driver for mHealth by 63% of respondents.
  • Lack of standardization (50%), regulation (49%) and market transparency (49%) are the main barriers facing mHealth.
  • App stores will lose their role as main distribution channels for mHealth solutions.
  • Android and iOS will be preferred mobile platforms for mHealth solutions.

Free copy of “Global mHealth Survey: The Developer View”
To get a free copy of the survey results please click here.

Please comment or contact us (info @ research2guidance.com) for additional information about us or survey results.

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