The 5 countries ranked ‘first choice` for starting an mHealth business in the EU

Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK are the top five countries offering the best market conditions for mobile health app companies in Europe, according to a survey conducted by research2guidance in collaboration with HIMSS Europe. More than 5,000 people participate in landmark study for mobile health app companies.


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As part of the largest global mHealth research programme, research2guidance and HIMSS Europe have come together to analyse the market readiness of the 28 EU member states through “The EU Countries’ mHealth App Market Ranking” survey.

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Over 5,000 app developers, healthcare professionals and mHealth practitioners were asked to rank European countries based on their experience.  This practitioners view is combined with facts based evaluation for each country, based on five dimensions and 26 market condition criteria such as eHealth adoption, level of digitalization, market size and health expenditure, ease of starting a business and the mHealth regulatory framework.

Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and UK proved to have the highest market readiness and most mature market conditions, providing the best starting points for mHealth companies to succeed. Out of these five countries though, the UK emerged as the leader according to 55% of mHealth practitioners. The study revealed that this is primarily due to the openness and positive attitude many doctors in the UK have when it comes to new technology and integrating mHealth solutions into patient treatments.

Ralf Jahns, Managing Director at research2guidance, who announced the survey findings at the mHealth Summit Europe, said: “The survey is now in its sixth year and the response this time has been overwhelming becoming increasingly evident that the momentum around mHealth is growing at a rapid pace. The report is extremely valuable for anyone thinking about starting an mHealth company, as well as for government organisations in European countries that want to benefit from a flourishing mHealth ecosystem through creating highly qualified jobs, reducing national healthcare costs and ensuring high levels of quality of care.”

Germany and France emerged with mixed results: on the one hand these two markets have enormous potential when it comes to the amount which has been invested in patients, doctors, hospitals and healthcare on a whole. However, rankings for eHealth and mHealth adoption in Germany and France were extremely low, showing these countries are more reluctant to embrace the digitalisation of healthcare, thus classifying themselves as “average” countries to invest in mHealth.

Rainer Herzog, General Manager at HIMSS Europe added: “The timing of the report is particularly important as it coincides with the mHealth Summit Europe which will bring together the most important stakeholders in the mHealth industry in Europe. The survey results will provide a great platform for discussion and give us an insight into how ready European countries really are to adopt mHealth and the challenges that some countries are yet to overcome, meanwhile giving entrepreneurs a head-start when deciding which country would be best to start an mHealth business.”

Combining comprehensive practitioner’s insights with a detailed facts based market readiness assessment for each country, based on five dimensions including eHealth adoption, level of digitalization, market size and health expenditure, ease of starting a business and the mHealth regulatory framework, this report has identified 5 countries that can be categorised as ‘first choice’ for those mHealth practitioners wishing to start an mHealth business in the EU.

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