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The Need to Improve Collaboration Between mHealth App Publishers and Health Care Professionals

Written by Martina on November 22, 2016
While the mHealth app market is getting crowded, newcomers are still seeing opportunities left to seize. More of the companies behind the apps enter the market without a medical...

The addressable market for diabetes apps in 2016 has increased to 135.5M potential app users (diagnosed diabetics), out of which 4.1M are active users

Written by Ralf-Gordon Jahns on October 27, 2016
There are now 135.5M people suffering from diabetes that could be supported by an app because they have a capable device. The number of active users’ diabetes app publishers...
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The mHealth apps market is getting crowded.

Written by Audrone Skardziute on October 11, 2016
Almost 100,000 mHealth apps have been added since the beginning of last year, amounting to 259,000 currently available on major app stores. In addition, 13,000 mHealth publishers have entered...
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The 2016 mHealth App Developer Economics Study is out download for FREE!!

Written by Ralf-Gordon Jahns on October 10, 2016
Mhealth App Developers Economic report 2016 Thank you for participating in this year’s mHealth App Developer Economics Survey. This year we received more than 2,600 responses from mHealth practitioners across...

Why the Hidden Champion concept works much better for healthcare companies than any accelerator program

Written by Ralf-Gordon Jahns on August 23, 2016
A major component of digitization strategies of companies in the healthcare sector is to connect with start-up companies. This created a hype around start-up matching programs for the healthcare...

Written by Markus Pohl on February 10, 2016
6th Global mHealth App Developer Economics 2016 DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

The 2016 mHealth App Developer Economics Study Has Been Launched. Take Part Today!

Written by Sean Phillips on February 9, 2016
Share your experiences and insights in the world’s largest annual study into the mHealth app economy today.  2015 was another fascinating year for mHealth. By the fourth quarter, we...

Healthcare Professionals Most Threatened Traditional Healthcare Player By mHealth

Written by Sean Phillips on February 5, 2016
Patients stand to benefit the most from developments in mHealth over the next five years, but changes to traditional patient pathways mean that the Healthcare professional’s core business is...

App Stores Will Be The Number One Distribution Channel for mHealth Apps Until At Least 2020

Written by Sean Phillips on February 2, 2016
App stores remain the number one distribution channel for mHealth apps. 52% of mHealth experts rate app stores, such as Apple App Store or Google Play, to be the...