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In 2012 Smartphone Users Spent US$ 8 billion for Paid Apps in the Top 5 App Platforms

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

In 2016, India will be amongst the biggest players in the global app market

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


Diabetes App Market Report 2014

Market report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the diabetes app market 2008-2018.

2014-01-16 | 113€ 1,890.00
Cross Platform Tools: User Profiles and Market Leader Benchmarking 2014

A detailed profiling of Cross Platform Tool users and comparison of 14 leading tools for multi-platform app development. Find out about the pro's and

2014-07-13 | 99€ 1,890.00
Pharma App Benchmarking 2014 - How Pharma companies make use of mobile apps

Detailed picture of app publishing activities of the top 12 pharma companies

2014-10-20 | 93€ 1,890.00
Health Insurance App Benchmarking 2015 - How health insurance companies make use of mobile apps

Detailed picture of healthcare insurance companies and their app strategy

2015-02-24 | 81€ 1,890.00
EU mHealth Market Conditions Benchmarking 2015

Data report comparing market conditions for mHealth in 28 EU countries

2015-06-01 | 96€ 1,890.00


Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017

This report provides detailed insights on the commercialization phase of the mHealth market incl. business models, best practises, market sizes etc.

2013-02-28 | 116€ 1,890.00
The U.S. Parental App Market 2015

The most comprehensive market report on mobile apps that support parents in successfully raising their children in the USA.

2013-06-18 | 98€ 1,590.00
Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017

The report highlights 10 key trends that will shape the mHealth market until 2017 and provides a detailed outlook on future market size and revenue.

2013-07-18 | 31€ 950.00
Mobile Health App Categorization & Best Practices

This report categorizes mHealth applications that exists in todays app market. Best practice examples demonstrate state of the art for each sub catego

2013-07-19 | 41€ 490.00
mHealth App Performance Benchmarking

The report benchmarks the performance and business opportunities of the mHealth app market for 5 countries.

2013-08-07 | 170€ 1,590.00