Diabetes App Market Report 2014

Market report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the diabetes app market 2008-2018.

2014-01-16 | 113€ 1,890.00
Cross Platform Tools: User Profiles and Market Leader Benchmarking 2014

A detailed profiling of Cross Platform Tool users and comparison of 14 leading tools for multi-platform app development. Find out about the pro's and

2014-07-13 | 99€ 1,890.00
Pharma App Benchmarking 2014 - How Pharma companies make use of mobile apps

Detailed picture of app publishing activities of the top 12 pharma companies

2014-10-20 | 93€ 1,890.00
Health Insurance App Benchmarking 2015 - How health insurance companies make use of mobile apps

Detailed picture of healthcare insurance companies and their app strategy

2015-02-24 | 81€ 1,890.00
EU mHealth Market Conditions Benchmarking 2015

Data report comparing market conditions for mHealth in 28 EU countries

2015-06-01 | 96€ 1,890.00


Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017

This report provides detailed insights on the commercialization phase of the mHealth market incl. business models, best practises, market sizes etc.

2013-02-28 | 116€ 1,890.00
The U.S. Parental App Market 2015

The most comprehensive market report on mobile apps that support parents in successfully raising their children in the USA.

2013-06-18 | 98€ 1,590.00
Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017

The report highlights 10 key trends that will shape the mHealth market until 2017 and provides a detailed outlook on future market size and revenue.

2013-07-18 | 31€ 950.00
Mobile Health App Categorization & Best Practices

This report categorizes mHealth applications that exists in todays app market. Best practice examples demonstrate state of the art for each sub catego

2013-07-19 | 41€ 490.00
mHealth App Performance Benchmarking

The report benchmarks the performance and business opportunities of the mHealth app market for 5 countries.

2013-08-07 | 170€ 1,590.00