App performance is a major differentiator of Top 10 cross platform tools

With more than 150 solutions that support multi-platform app development and new tools entering the market every month, the landscape of cross platform tools has become very crowded. Today, it is increasingly difficult to find the right tool for a particular app project.

Ratings of tool users are a great way to identify strengths and weaknesses of a tool. Based on these, the number of tools for further testing can be narrowed down to only a few for most projects.

The performance rating below is based on the last year’s Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking and is one of the criteria of our cross platform tools benchmarking (other common comparison criteria are e.g. usability, design, etc.)
Across all cross platform (CP)  tools our the benchmarking study, performance stands out as the major weakness of apps developed with cross platform tools. However, the results differ widely.
r2g_Top 10 CPT performance rating


Apps created with Marmalade, Xamarin or Unity 3D are rated best. Especially Marmalade users (88%), rate the performance of apps created with the tool as same or better compared to OS-specific native SDKs.

Apps developed with Titanium or Phone Gap are ranked on the lower end. 35% of Titanium users and 30% of Phone Gap users describe the performance of these apps  “lower or much lower” compared to native apps.

Do you have experience with cross-platform app development tools yourself? We invite you to share your experience. Take part in this year’s “Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking”. (Survey is closed).

The survey is now closed. We have just published “Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014” report which is the largest global study of the cross-platform tool market.





Would you like more details about the 10 leading CP tools? Please have a look at the following benchmarking report “A comparison of the 10 leading tools for multi-platform app development” or contact us directly.


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