3 months after the launch of R2GConnect, more than 500 early stage digital health start-ups applied for partnerships

R2GConnect, the new global matching platform focusing on the digital health industry presents partnership opportunities for any start-ups at all stages. Over the last 3 months, more than 500 early stage start-ups and innovators in digital health have sought the platform for partnerships with various health accelerators, incubators, corporates and health event organizers. R2GConnect has connected many start-ups with key bodies that helped them grow their business and opened new opportunities for them.

R2GConnect works together with its briefing partners to assist start-ups and innovators in the market for the development of their new products and services. Most of the innovative start-ups aimed at improving diet, nutrition, prevention, and more extreme diseases such as diabetes, respiratory, oncology diagnosis and treatment, pain management, chronic illness, and more.

Here are some of the key profiles of the start-ups that signed to R2GConnect.

Most digital health start-ups that applied through R2GConnect are in the early stage, seeking for strategic collaborations to develop their solutions and roll it out to the market.


  • Team Size: Most start-ups that applied to R2Gconnect consist of 4-10 members.
  • Maturity Stage: The majority of start-ups that applied are in growth stage. More than Beta or MVP version.
  • Total Funding: Most start-ups use bootstrapped capital.
  • Total Revenue: 48% of start-ups that signed to R2Gconnect have total revenue equal to none, but 31% has a total of up to 100K USD and 16% with 101K-1M.


This age of technology has brought new elements to the forefront. R2GConnect sought start-ups with the same vision and gave them a platform to introduce these new-age ideas that will revolutionize the health industry, but most importantly, it will help people in a way they never imagined.

Here are some of the most exciting start-ups on R2GConnect:

Rehago app helps half-paralzyed patients after being stroked to get back into their everyday lives faster through Virtual Reality and Gamification. After their stay in the clinic, they can take Rehago home and train in combination with their regular therapy.

Sensio Air is a platform that offers sensors, mobile apps, analytics, and services to support respiratory health management. Using smart algorithms, Sensio Air can identify floating particles in the air, determine the causes of someone’s symptoms, and provide them with personalized alerts to drive behavioral change. Sensio Air was designed to help asthma and allergy sufferers predict, prevent and manage their symptoms.

Skinary is a health tracking app for skin, and we help users understand how their daily habits like diet, lifestyle and cleansing affect their face, and show them how to avoid habits that trigger breakouts.

BetterDoc directs patients with severe illnesses to the best matching specialists – for second opinion, surgery and conservative treatment. Everywhere and for all medical topics. Its ROI for insurances is measurable between 3-8x. BetterDoc is a full patient centric and independent from doctors /clinics. It is also a market leader in Germany and Switzerland.

Yolife is an app that helps users to live longer in good health and reduce the risk for age-related diseases through science-based lifestyle changes.

R2GConnect receives a lot of start-up applications, and most of them have really good ideas and solutions. R2GConnect makes sure all the applicants fulfil the criteria set by companies. Selected start-ups have received good feedbacks from the briefing owners. Within 3 months, a lot of new companies used the platform, and old partners were coming back to use R2GConnect to get in touch with new start-ups and innovators. R2GConnect’s screening and evaluation process have been most acknowledged by its briefing partners, and that is why a lot of big names have signed up and placed their programs on the platform.


Impressed by the quick turn around and the quality of applicants identified in just two days! Looking forward to working together again in 2020.” – Nassir Katuramu | Making More Health by Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim

R2GConnect has introduced great start-ups to various healthcare stakeholders and vice versa. It is a global initiative that widely distinguishes your briefing programs in the industry.

We are inviting health accelerators, incubators, pharma companies, and event organizers to place briefing at R2GConnect and a chance to meet amazing start-ups we have to offer.

About R2GConnect
R2GConnect is a new innovation management platform for the global digital health market managed by Research2Guidance. Partners such as investors, accelerators and incubators, technology projects, and event organizers can place an unlimited number of briefings at R2GConnect to announce their business opportunities, corporate initiatives, and digital health events. Start-ups and innovators in digital health can apply to any briefing or business opportunity that relates to their services and solutions.

If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, visit www.r2gconnect.com or get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. | [email protected]

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