Presentation during the mHealth Israel Conference

We have held a presentation at the mHealth Israel Annual Conference about successful mHealth app publishing.
You can download the presentation to find out more about:
1. How to make your mHealth app state-of-the-art
2. How to get your users locked-in
3. How to find the right role in the market
4. How to find the right business model

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The presentation covers the following topics:
– launching a successful mHealth app has become a challenging task
– mHealth apps are hardly visible and don’t get downloaded
– new apps have to match the current state of the art
– the components of a state-of-the-art mHealth app
– there are many techniques that support user retention but no easy solution
– app publisher might not the best role for some of healthcare players
– other roles might fit better in the connected mHealth app ecosystem
– today most of mHealth app publishers don‘t make money
– mHealth will not be an app download revenue, advertisement and transaction game
– mHealth apps will have the biggest cost benefit on non-adherence and hospital readmission
– how to to make money: the top 3 business models 2017/2020.

The TED-style conference involved thought leadership speeches from companies such as Walgreens, Sony, Orange, etc. and the whole event was wrapped up by the mHealth Business Contest in which the finalists have competed for the funding. To find out more about the speakers as well as who the winner of the contest is, click here: mHealth Israel

We hope you will enjoy the presentations slides and we are looking forward to your feedback!

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