NEWS: Top German iOS app publishers generate 8 times more paid downloads than their Android counterparts

iOS is the dominant paid download platform in Germany. Top 10 iPhone paid app publishers generate 140.000 downloads on average per month whereas Android top 10 publishers only reach 18.000 downloads per month. iOS paid app publishers therefore can rely on different business models because they can expect 8 times more downloads than their Android counterparts.

The overall growth of the German app market is one of the highest in Europe. The German App Market increased by 183% (CAGR) over the last 4 years. The app user base which includes smartphone, tablet and iPod Touch users increased 203% (CAGR) in the same period.

Top German IOS app publisher generate 8 times more paid downloads than Android publisher


The Germany App Market Monitor is the fifth of a series of reports about the main EU app markets.

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We will release more country reports in the following weeks (see below).

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