NEWS: App downloads in Italy will reach 1.5 Bn. in 2013

Italian app download figures have seen continuous growth, and will reach 1.5 bn downloads in 2013. Almost 20% of total downloads in 5 top EU app markets will come from Italy. Italians download more apps and have a greater willingness to pay for an app compared to the European average.

The app user base in Italy has grown alongside with the download numbers. The number of smartphone, tablet and iPod users who downloaded an app grew by 145% CAGR over the last 5 years.

The majority of apps in Italy are downloaded from the iOS platform. As opposed to other Top 5 EU countries, apps that run on Symbian still play a significant role in the Italian app market.

The Italy App Market Monitor is the fourth of a series of reports focusing on the main EU app markets.

For more information on the Italy app market, please see our latest country app market monitor report: Italy App Market Monitor.

We will release more country reports in the following weeks (see below).

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