Invitation to expert survey: The business potential of mobile application platforms

Multi platform app publishing will become a major trend in 2010/2011. Besides iPhone and Android there are many more mobile application platforms to develop and distribute applications on. Which platform offers the best business potential for my app?, where can I reach my target group best?, what are the main platform advantages and disadvantages I should be aware of?, what percentage of an existing app can I re-use when porting from e.g. Apple to Android? These are just some of the questions which are being analysed in our current global mobile platform survey.

research2guidance invites mobile application developers to participate in our global survey on the future of the mobile application platforms. The objective of the survey is to analyse the business potentials of all major mobile platforms like iPhone IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone for app publishers today and in 2013.

All app developers who would like to participate, please read more…

Survey overview:

  • Objective: Understand the business potential of mobile application development platforms in 2010 and 2013
  • Scope: All major mobile application development platforms for smartphones and feature phones
  • Participants: App developers with experience in more than one app development platform
  • Time: 28th of June – 9th of July 2010
  • Format: Telephone interview (20-30 minutes)
  • Benefit: All participants will receive the summary of the survey results
  • Publishing date: The survey is part of a major report on the mobile application platforms. The report will be published in August 2010.


Would you like to participate? Please send an email to to schedule an appointment for the interview.

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NEWS: We have started our 4th consecutive mHealth Developer Economics survey. If you are working in healthcare or app development you are more than welcome to participate. Take the survey and

  • Receive a copy of all the results once it is completed as a thank you.
  • See results of the survey in real time after your participation.
  • Make your statement! With your permission we will quote you in front of the global mHealth community.

Click here to start the survey: (SURVEY IS CLOSED)


This year’s study is conducted in collaboration with Continua Health Alliance, HIMMS, WIP, Happtique and many partners more.

MHEALTH REPORT: The “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017 is a business guide for traditional healthcare companies as well as for mobile operators who want to successfully engage into the new mHealth market. Country mHealth market reports are available forUSA, Germany, Brazil, Japan and UK. See  report preview.

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