Only 12% Of Corporate Apps Designed To Generate Revenue

From a close review of the corporate mobile applications currently available in the Apple App Store, we can distinguish four clusters of applications:

Direct Access/Facilitation apps provide access to a service the corporation is offering. These services tend not to be specially designed for mobile usage, but are instead adapted to allow access and interaction on mobile platforms (i.e. front-ends for web applications). As many as 51% of all Corporate Mobile Applications (CMA) belong in this category.
Thirty percent of all CMAs serve to enhance corporate branding or push certain products (Brand/Product Promotion). Of the apps in this category, almost half of these Apps are mobile games.
Only 12% of all analyzed apps are obviously designed for the purpose of Revenue Generation. Games also dominate this cluster (71%).
The remaining 7% of all CMAs provide Support and usually offer limited functionality — mostly location services for nearby stores or ATMs.

Figure 1: Corporate application purpose [%]

Source: research2guidance internal analysis

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